WebMapping on the MBP

Even though the MBP is essentially a portable FreeBSD box complete with most things you need to run a website (apache is preinstalled), that doesn’t mean that it can view all pages. As you can guess, anything that requires IE6/7 isn’t going to work in any of the native Mac browsers. So right off the top you loose anything like the new 3D Virtual Earth implementation or anything that doesn’t work with the Mac ActiveX implementation. While most commercial internet mapping solutions work with Mac there are some custom builds that do not keep their FireFox, let alone Mac, users in mind (admittedly most of these are older sites). Either way, web mapping mostly works, but there will always be those sites that are generated by web masters who are not worried about the other 15-20% of users who are not on some version of IE.

Oh, and when Sue installed IE 7 tonight it completely hosed the laptop. I get the joy of trying to do a recovery on it in the morning…wwwwhhheeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

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