First step…install something

With the impending release of ArcGIS 9.2 I have naturally decided to install ArcGIS on the MBP.  I installed 9.1 in Parallels over the weeked and it runs sufficiently for your everyday tasks.  It is likely that when more memory arrives in a couple of days it will run even better.

Now on to the installation of a release candidate of 9.2 that we received for review.  In terms of installation all went smoothly as one would expect and I had to work to make ArcMap crash and have only able to crash it in Parallels (probably a virtual machine [VM] issue)…the version running directly in the Windows partition has refused to crash so far.  It is great that even the Release Candidate seems stable so far.

I haven’t tossed any large datasets at either the virtual machine or the Windows partition but I will get to that in a week or so.  Until then I will be playing with most of the new features over the next few evenings.  File geodatabase and editing the cartography layer are the first up tomorrow night.

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