One for the non-geospatial

If you haven’t been reading VerySpatial then you may have been wondering where I have been. Well to the two of you who have read this blog…hi. I hope you are well, and I hope to return to my web comic addiction once I have presented my dissertation proposal on Nov 10 (yeah, only 3 years behind schedule). In case you are curious, I am currently back to working as a GRA in the Lab for GISci, doing small consulting jobs when they come up, and this semester I am standing in front of over 200 students and rambling about World Regions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will be standing in front of about 50 in the spring, talking about Intro to GIS. I don’t expect to go too far afield this year for conferences, but if you are on the west coast send me an email and we can meet up and talk about NC, or where ever I know you from 😉

If I am not doing something school related though I tend to be doing something for VerySpatial so go tell it from the mountain that everyone should look for me there if I am not posting at the lbtc.

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