Apparently I stopped posting

Yes, I have only been using TLBTC to cache tweets…but apparently even that stopped a while ago when I did an update, but didn’t check back to make sure everything was running. Of course, with Twitter’s ability to get access to your historic tweets and with tools like TimeHop, having an aggregator is a bit redundant.

However, I am not ready to delete this space just yet. I don’t know what I will do with this blog, but I will try to share something with it. Right now I am going through and updating, shuttering, or altering a few pages to keep content updated(ish). Feel free to of course check out the rest of what I have here at jesserouse.com, but also take a couple of minutes to check out these other projects/pages that I am involved in maintaining:

  • VerySpatial – the focus of ‘activity’
  • Observing the Earth – project from 2010-11 that has fallen behind, but will get an infusion/new direction this fall (2013) that is more applied
  • Virtual Morgantown – a test virtual city project
  • ImmersiveHumanities@geogirl‘s project page which is slowly coming together when she gives me material from the projects she is working on
  • Giant Robot Combat – This is a pipe dream tied to free time that will be an homage to the joys of youth in the 70s & 80s…and maybe a few maps
  • Surface Collections – my plan for an online magazine/journal from the late 1990s will rise again. I’m just not sure when.
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